Pearls of Wisdom



Karate people don’t whine. (Kira M. )

Be persistent in your balance. (Aelen S.)

Embrace loss.

The Way is in the training.

Find your own way, but know all ways.

Leggo your ego.

The art of fighting without fighting.

All fighting is a form of fear.

Confidence is still. Bravado trembles.

Change is the only constant. You are the only constant.

Yin & Yang

It's not the pain it's the shame. (Verona S.) 

No matter where you go, there you are.

Being different is hard; being special. addictive.

Right thought, right action.

Know your weakness, trust your skill.

Walk the walk and there’s no need for talk.

Speak only if it improves the silence.

Understand the falsitude of would-a, could-a, should-a

A razor’s line separates a reason from an excuse.

Impart, not impress.

Be calm and good things will happen (Olivia F.) 

Actions speak louder than words

The essential element in budo is the observance of proper etiquette. (O Sensei)

The wise old fist fears the speed of youth.

Practice, patience, perseverance.

Service, humility, sacrifice=HONOR

Breathe , Attitude, Control 

Root, shift, turn.

Focus, balance, pressure.

Timing, speed, distance.

Will, wind, whoop-ass

Seek the center.

Wind, water, wood.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

The Golden Rule.

Beware of cynicism masquerading as wisdom. 

The person makes the art.

Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. (Picasso)

Never put passion before principle.

Mastery comes from training slow.

10,000 times.

Mind, body, spirit.

Line+ circle= spiral.

Flow and adapt.

Meditation, not "talk-itation". (Jenna B.)

Don’t be lazy with your head.

You don’t need force if you have intention.

Intention, momentum, goal



Taking whatever measures you feel are best to assure your safety.

Don’t be a victim: You already have the instincts and skill to defend yourself.

Intuition: Validate your feelings of danger, but distinguish between fear and paranoia.

Avoid dangerous places, situations, and places. Carry yourself alertly and walk with purpose, aware of your surroundings.

Walk, talk, run: There are no wrong answers. Escape when and however you can.

Fight with the intent to inflict great bodily harm to your attacker. Hit vital targets. Don’t stop until you’re free to escape.

*Never be taken to a second location. You have the right to fight back.

Targets: Eyes, ears, nose, throat, sternum, groin, knees, shin, instep, neck, spine.

Weapons: Palm, hammer fist, elbows, knees, finger, snap kick, heel stomp, punch

Strategies are guidelines and must be flexible.

Scenarios help you prepare strategies.

Reactive > Proactive techniques and strategies.

Attack, attack, attack.


The 7 Personal Resposibilities


Sincerity- honesty and dedication to training & self development

Humility-Knowing ones limitations and awareness of personal skill-seeing things from the outside

Service-good works, giving of time and money

Honor-the definition of integrity-looking within

Confidence-self esteem through kung fu

Knowledge- own what you know-the way is in the training

Randal is gifted with a generosity of heart and a ferocity borne from years steeped in the craft of fighting and fighting well. He lives it, loves teaching it to his students, and truly cares about their progress. Improvise, adapt, overcome.”
— Mike Baty